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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

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Work Packages

WP1: Project Management

Main objective: To ensure that the project's main objectives are realized on schedule and within the budgetary limits and to ensure a quick and smooth communication and decision making process within the consortium and the EU Commission.

Work Package 1 is concerned with the overall technical, financial and administrative management of the consortium and the project's activities. As coordinator of the ViroLab, the UvA will be main responsible partner for this work package.


WP2: ViroLab Virtual Organization

Main objective: To develop a VO-based Grid security infrastructure, a Grid middleware infrastructure, and a set of user interfaces.

The ViroLab Virtual Organisation will be geared towards building a Grid security infrastructure, middleware and presentation layer technology. Virtualization of resources such as data, instruments, compute nodes, tools, users, etc. makes these resources transparently available in a uniform way. By adopting the techniques of Grid computing and building on existing tools we will provide the “glue” which will bind the various components of the ViroLab Virtual Laboratory.


WP3: Virtual Laboratory

Main objective: To develop a virtual laboratory infrastructure for session management, runtime system brokering, data archiving and access, and scientist collaboration.

The Virtual Laboratory is an infrastructure for transparent workflow, data access, experiment execution, and collaboration support for distributed analysis. The functionality provided by the Virtual Laboratory will cover well defined tasks for doctors' use in a clinical environment through the conception as well as design and implementation of novel studies with the available databases and scientific tools.


WP4: RetroGram: Virtualization, Enhancement and Individual Based Interpretation

Main objective: To develop a working distributed ranking system, that automately updates its input data and an intergrated set of simulation tools to assist detailed studies on patient response.

The tasks in Work package 4 follow the steps of disassembly of the software, enhancement, and automation of sequencing after PCR and mutation detection and reintegration within the Grid infrastructure. Extensive validation of the reliability enhancements to Retrogram will be also performed.


WP5: Population and epidemiological based interpretation system

Main objective: To develop expert rules for choosing therapeutic alternatives in the treatment of drug resistant HIV and provide clinicians with the urgently needed quantitative virological and immunological response.

WP5 will conduct an epidemiological study to show that the expert rules in ViroLab correctly predict virological and immunological response for all particular antiretroviral drugs and will validate that the expert rules perform better, or as good as the existing interpretation systems as shown in an epidemiological study.


WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation

Main objective: To publicise and present results of ViroLab worldwide

The dissemination activities planned in ViroLab are geared towards contributing to the realisation of the potential added value for society.
Because of the strategic impact of the project and the potential impact on society of the results the project partners have the intention to disseminate the results derived from the research activities to the relevant European stakeholders. Furthermore, specific attention is paid on the exploitation of relevant components beyond the project's scope.

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