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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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WP4: RetroGram: Virtualization, Enhancement and Individual Based Interpretation

Main objective: To develop a working distributed ranking system, that automately updates its input data and an intergrated set of simulation tools to assist detailed studies on patient response.

The tasks in Work package 4 follow the steps of disassembly of the software, enhancement, and automation of sequencing after PCR and mutation detection and reintegration within the Grid infrastructure. Extensive validation of the reliability enhancements to Retrogram will be also performed.

More specifically, in this work package will start by taking the successful stand-alone ranking system Retrogram, and disassemble it into its parts: Rule base, Resistance data block, Genotype input, Rule engine, Drug data-block and Drug Ranking.
These parts will be virtualized such that they can be distributed and interfaced to dynamically updating experimental hospital data, databases, archives, rules, simulations and drug rankings.

WP4 Leader


University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Peter Sloot, Mr. Breanndán Ó Nualláin