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ViroLab MSc theses
Tuesday, 22 September 2009
ViroLab demo at EGEE'09 conference
Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Virtual Laboratory to run on PL-Grid
Tuesday, 22 September 2009

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WP2: ViroLab Virtual Organization

Main objective: To develop a VO-based Grid security infrastructure, a Grid middleware infrastructure, and a set of user interfaces.

The ViroLab Virtual Organisation will be geared towards building a Grid security infrastructure, middleware and presentation layer technology. Virtualization of resources such as data, instruments, compute nodes, tools, users, etc. makes these resources transparently available in a uniform way. By adopting the techniques of Grid computing and building on existing tools we will provide the “glue” which will bind the various components of the ViroLab Virtual Laboratory.

WP2 Leader


GridwiseTech, Poland

Mr. Pawel Plaszczak