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Former Partner: University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
The Department of Virology at the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, Utrecht University is one of the worlds leading centres in the area of HIV drug resistance. This leading position in HIV drug resistance research is supported by the leading role Dr. Boucher and Dr. Schuurman have been offered as members of the WHO HIVResNet global Steering Committee.

The Dept. of Virology of the UMCU were one of the first to describe the development of drug resistance and they have identified several novel drug resistance mutations. The department has as research focus on all different aspects of the development of HIV drug resistance, ranging from in-vitro experiments to epidemiology.

It has state of the art laboratories and facilities and has a large BSL-3 facility. The department has long standing research relationships with most diagnostic industries and pharmaceutical industries in the area of therapy of HIV. Furthermore, the department had taken a leading role in the development of the internationally acclaimed HIV drug resistance interpretation tool Retrogram which will be used as a blueprint.

University Medical Center Utrecht, Department of Virology