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University of Stuttgart, Germany
The High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS) is affiliated to the Universität Stuttgart and maintains in addition to its services for academic users close relationships with industry. USTUTT has been the first national supercomputer centre to be established by the German government and has been working for a long time in the Metacomputing and GRID area. USTUTT operates supercomputers owned by hww, a public-private partnership consortium comprising among USTUTT and others the German Telecom and the sports car manufacturing Porsche AG.

The Universität Stuttgart (USTUTT) is one of the leading institutions in the area of Grid.

The Software Technology Group at USTUTT is both, a service and a research division. As a service division it offers conceptual advice on, teaching in and implementation of web applications and the accounting and billing process of the supercomputing facilities of USTUTT. As a research division it is involved in ambitious European research projects focusing on emerging web technologies and the grid, leveraging the potential of the technologies to their full extent.

University of Stutgart, High Performance Computing Centre (USTUTT)