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GridwiseTech, Poland

GridwiseTech is the vendor-independent expert in scalable solutions  helping customers in speeding up data processing, removing  application bottlenecks and building complete scalable systems. The  company introduce modern concepts of Grid, virtualization, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and application-driven portals. GridwiseTech offers management consulting as well as comprehensive technical assistance in integration of multi-vendor components.


The company is present in Europe, Asia and the US, serving a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune Global 500 companies, small and medium enterprises, to research and government agencies.

Experience Relevant to the Project

GridwiseTech has strong expertise in many areas that are essential for this project. It is a recognized expert in grid technologies and has strong theoretical and practical experience in designing and deployment of DRM and SOA systems based on both batch and interactive approach. We have gained theoretical and practical knowledge of  
security solutions for virtual organizations (specifically Shibboleth) and digital repositories (Fedora). On the software development level, we have a proven track of successful projects that aimed at providing rich client experience through web portals by using using implementations such as GridSphere, EnginFrame, Liferay, uPortal, raw AJAX and Java.