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ACK Cyfronet AGH, Poland

ACK Cyfronet AGH (Akademickie Centrum Komputerowe Cyfronet Akademii Gorniczo-Hutniczej, Poland) is a major academic computing center in Poland, engaged in numerous important projects, both domestic and international.

The State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) finances the network development, as well as the purchase, operation and maintenance of computer equipment and software at ACK Cyfronet AGH. In addition, ACK Cyfronet AGH receives funding from the various international projects it participates in.

Besides conducting research work, ACK Cyfronet AGH also serves as the operator of the Cracow academic MAN, providing connectivity and services to academic institutions dispersed throughout the city via a fiber-optic network several dozen kilometres in length. The Cracow MAN connects all universities and research institutions in Cracow, as well as numerous state and local administration units, commercial enterprises, schools etc.

ACK Cyfronet AGH has greatly contributed to progress in computer science. The Center offers a variety of consulting services, training and seminars that cover a broad range of topics.




ACK CYFRONET AGH is a leader of WP3 Virtual Laboratory of the Virolab project. More info at