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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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ViroLab Virtual Laboratory chapter in the Proceedings of CGW'07
Tuesday, 18 March 2008 20:56
The Cracow Grid Workshop is organized yearly to support the community of researchers, developers, practitioners as well as current and potential grid users who work in the fascinating field of grid technologies and their applications.

At the "ViroLab and its virtual laboratory" session held during the CGW'07, the ViroLab team from the Institute of Computer Science and CYFRONET AGH, Gridwise Technologies, Universiteit van Amsterdam, and HLRS Stuttgart, presented a live demo of the virtual laboratory which facilitates molecular dynamics simulations, medical knowledge discovery and decision support for HIV treatment. This laboratory is being developed in the framework of the EU IST-027446 project ViroLab, and it is available at

The ViroLab Virtual Laboratory Chapter has been put in the Proceedings of CGW'07 (Marian Bubak, Michal Turala, Kazimierz Wiatr (Eds), CGW'07 Proceedings, ACC CYFRONET AGH, Krakow 2008, ISBN 978-83-915141-9-1)

The chapters contains ten papers:

1. VIROLAB: a Distributed Decision Support System for Viral Disease Treatment, P. M. A. Sloot, A. Tirado-Ramos, G. Ertaylan, B. O Nuallain, D. van de Vijver, C.A . Boucher, M. Bubak (p. 33-34) 2. ViroLab Virtual Laboratory, T. Gubala, B. Balis, M. Malawski, M. Kasztelnik, P. Nowakowski, M. Assel, D. Harezlak, T. Bartynski, J. Kocot, E. Ciepiela, D. Krol, J. Wach, M. Pelczar, W. Funika, M. Bubak (p. 35-40) 3. Development and Execution of Collaborative Application on the ViroLab Virtual Laboratory, M. Kasztelnik, T. Gubala, M. Malawski, M. Bubak (p. 41-46) 4. User Interfaces of the Virolab Virtual Laboratory, W. Funika, D. Harezlak, D. Krol, P. Pegiel, M. Bubak (p. 47-52) 5. GridSpace Engine of the Virtual Laboratory, E. Ciepiela, J. Kocot, T. Gubala, M. Malawski, M. Kasztelnik, M. Bubak (p.53-58) 6. Invocation of Grid Operations in the ViroLab Virtual Laboratory, T. Bartynski, M. Malawski, M. Bubak (p. 59-64) 7. Optimization of Application Execution on the ViroLab Virtual Laboratory, M. Malawski, J. Kocot, E. Ciepiela, M. Bubak (p.65-70) 8. Provenance Tracking and Querying in Virolab, B. Balis, M. Bubak, M. Pelczar, J. Wach (p. 71-76) 9. Data Access and Virtualization within Virolab, M. Assel, B. Krammer, A. Loehden (p. 77-84) 10. A Complex Automata Model of HIV-1 Co-Receptor Tropism: Mutation Rate Prediction, G. Ertaylan, P. M. A. Sloot (p. 85).

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