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HIV Pathogenesis Keystone Meeting 27 March - 1 April, Banff, Canada
Wednesday, 23 January 2008 15:46

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of HIV infection is essential for the design and development of an effective vaccine and the next generation of antiviral agents. This Keystone Symposia meeting will focus on (1) our understanding of HIV proteins and their functions, (2) host factors used to aid in viral replication, (3) viral genetic diversity and adaptation, and (4) the central role of the destruction of CD4+ T cells in lymphoid tissue to the pathogenesis. The pathogenic mechanisms of HIV infection from transmission through clinical latency, including the means used by the virus to establish infection and propagate in target cells and evade the innate and adaptive host defense mechanisms will be examined. Scientists from diverse disciplines will be brought together with the objective of devising vaccines and other biology-based ways to prevent transmission and progression to AIDS. The meeting will promote further insights into the dynamic interplay between the virus, the host, and its immune response.

At this meeting Dr V. Müller (ELTE, Partner 8) will present the following study:

Has HIV Evolved to Induce Immune Pathogenesis?

Presentation will be posted on the website shortly after the meeting.